1. I am a student who is interested in selling my work on this site, what should I do?

We are always looking for new artists to be featured on our site! If you are interested please reach out to us through our instagram @themartketplace or email us at themartketplace.co@gmail.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

2. How do I pay once I reserve a piece of art?

To purchase your artwork, payments must be arranged directly between you—the buyer—and our artists. While we understand that this method is not the most convenient, our primary goal is to provide as much money as we can to the PAFA School Community Partnership (see below). At the moment, this method is the most effective way in achieving this while also alleviating you from tax costs. The majority of our artists prefer the use of Venmobut if you have an alternate preferred method of payment, our artists will do their best to make accommodations.

3. How will I receive my work?

While shipping will depend on each individual artist and piece, the majority of our artists will deliver the work by hand, as the costs to ship large canvases and other works can be very pricey. For other works, such as smaller pieces or posters, some artists will prefer to ship through the mail. Either way, there will likely be a fee, which will be determined by the artist.

4. Where are my donations going?

With each piece you purchase, a portion of the profits will be going toward the PAFA School Community Partnership Program (SCP). This program, established by the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, works in four public schools in the under-served, primarily-Latino Kensington and Feltonville sections of North Philadelphia. The program's curriculum—created by drawing on feedback from teachers, school administrators, and parents—uses art to reinforce early literacy skills, both linguistic and visual. Each school receives in-classroom lessons tailored to grade level curriculum; field trips for inquiry-based gallery tours; art supplies; professional development for teachers; art therapy for parents/caregivers; and a year-end family festival celebrating work created by the community throughout the year. During out-of-school time, PAFA partners with organizations such as Wyoming Library, Providence Center, Episcopal Community Services, and COMHAR HOPE Latino to offer after-school sessions for students and monthly workshops for families. There is no cost to students, families, or schools for this program. PAFA also invites SCP families to participate in free Sunday afternoon workshops at the museum, providing free buses every other month and all program materials in both English and Spanish. SCP serves combined student bodies totaling 2,100+ students.